Thursday, October 29, 2009

Make Money with Gold

It is a matter of time and now is the time to make money with gold. You should invest only if enough key factors are aligned as they are now. When not enough key factors are there, gold is a lousy investment, as 22 years ago. Now that all the factors are aligned, they will remain so for years to come.
In all likelihood, during the early years of this gold bull market, you will eventually make money in metals, no matter when you bought or how much you paid for them. Any investment in gold at any price will eventually bear fruit. Although long-term prospects are terrible, metals can remain silent for years at a time like there almost two decades between the end of the last bull market in 1980 and the beginning of the current.

After having finally on the gold metal in the 1980s, we have seen go on the side and bottom for many years. As it was not the right time for metals, we made our money in carefully selected shares, bonds and real estate for over two decades, while keeping an eye on today's conditions.
So what are the conditions favorable to investment gold?

Money creation, which is monetary inflation, must be in an uptrend. This is the case now, and has been for years, even during 22 years of wear metals market. So far, so bad, but inflation alone, it is not enough to cause a bull market in gold.

The dollar is the exchange value relative to foreign currencies. It is therefore essential that when the dollar entered its final decline, he finally asked me to turn more optimistic than I was doing my investments in gold. Without a weakening dollar on currency markets, movements in metals will be temporary. Now, we not only that, but we've gone beyond in the next phase which is the currency: the metals are up against all currencies, which is tremendously bullish. Because gold does not lose its value and has proven itself for over 6000 years now.

The war or the prospect of war. The war against terrorism and the war in Iraq begin to fulfill this condition for all a certain extent, although the battles were contained mainly the Middle East. War broke out elsewhere in the world: a terrorist attack, biological or bacteriological or fanatical Iranian trigger a nuclear war - would meet this requirement. War is a wildcard because it creates inflation because of the expense in time of war and national and international fear. It is essentially unpredictable.

War is an additional factor, not a prerequisite, but when it happens at the same time, he can only push the price of gold on a larger scale.

Therefore, not all of these conditions must be fulfilled at the time, but the first two conditions listed are essential.

Fortunately, the timing is right, even if the bull is not on all fours, the decision when to invest in metals is now clear and will be for a few years. Just do it and you'll enjoy the security of gold and security?
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Monday, October 19, 2009

10 tips to stop smoking

How many times have you quit smoking? And how many times he returned to light a cigarette, unable to resist the addiction? Quitting smoking is not easy, but possible. If you end once and for all with this habit is in your plans (it was one of your resolutions for 2009?) Reflect on these 10 tips and try again - success may very well be in this article.

1. Get to 100%. Much of the failure of smokers who cannot stop smoking is linked to the fact that they do not indulge in this "fight" to 100%, i.e., basically know they will not succeed, did not tell anyone, did not a serious and solid. You must have a plan, write it in black and white, advertise it on your blog, inform family and friends, and join a group or forum for support. Not facilitate this commitment; because once you are 100% dedicated to this objective, there is no turning back.

2. Have a plan. You cannot just wake up one day and think "I quit smoking today" - has to be prepared, you must have a plan. It should include a support system, someone who can speak in the most difficult and, of course, a bonus scheme. Write a piece which will be hard hit when the first urge to smoke and put it in a conspicuous place, both at home and at work. If you wait for that first desire to light a cigarette to see how you will deal with the situation, the battle may already be lost. You must be fully prepared to resist those desires.

3. Learn what their motivations are. When the urge to smoke "attack" will think "what's the harm?" And a second will forget the goal. We therefore have to know their motivations before you quit smoking before having to fight against the wishes - will stop smoking for your children? For your wife? For your boyfriend? Because of his health? Why do you want to save money? Why do you want to be part of a team of team sport? Because your doctor advised? Have a list of all the excellent reasons that led him to try to stop smoking visible, physically or mentally, and remember them when they arise that momentum.

4. Neither one is. Our mind is adept at deceiving us and you can be sure that you will say "not a cigarette that you will do evil" and of course will be very difficult to argue with this if your whole body is asking you to smoking. Although it is extremely difficult to ignore these desires (let's be realistic!), Cannot give. No way. Determine from the start that you no longer smoke, not a single pass. Why? Because one is going to take the second, which will lead to the third, which will lead to a whole cigarette, which will lead to another. Make no mistake - a simple pass can be a passport to a relapse.

5. Join a forum. Who's miserable (in this case because they cannot smoke) enjoys the company of others who are exactly the same situation in this way will not feel so alone. Therefore, the ideal is to join a support group for real or a virtual community where everyone is trying to quit smoking - the sharing of experiences and suggestions are extremely valuable. Here there is only one rule that should try to meet: look for them whenever you feel like smoking, people are ideas to convince him to not do it. In addition, it will be a spectacular group who celebrate small victories, his and others.

6. Have a system of rewards. Every effort is trying to quit smoking can and should be compensated, therefore, have a plan for all its successes, especially after the first, second and third days after the first week and second, after the first month, the second, sixth, where it deems appropriate. And caprice these awards: CDs, DVDs, books, clothes, a pair of shoes, a massage, dinner out, an end-to-week in a magnificent hotel ... In addition or alternatively, put the money you spend daily or weekly cigarettes in a jar and see your "prize" growing day by day!

7. Delay. When struck by a desire to not give in, wait and do the following: breathe in and out 10 times, drink a glass of water, eat anything, contact the person who has supported the most at this stage, write a post on your forum, take a walk ... do what you do, but that assignment until late but feel the desire. It may take, the more it will disappear and you will achieve. When successful, famous and win this battle one wish at a time.

8. Replace negative habits for good. What to do when you're more stressed, anxious or angry? Lighting a cigarette of course. It's obvious is not it? You'll have to find a new way of reacting to stress and to fill the moments when he picked up a cigarette (when standing up or while driving, for example): meditation, deep breathing, massage a stress ball, get some fresh air, listen to music, go to the gym ... Since it is a challenge, learn to replace negative habits for good.

9. Positive thinking. For those trying to quit smoking, the first two days are the hardest - if they can survive 48 hours without lighting a cigarette got beyond the stage of "nicotine hangover" and the rest is mental willpower. However, the first week will continue to be difficult, but on the other hand, the second it will be a little easier. Typically thereafter, there is no fool, just think positively and confidently. The wishes will become less frequent and less strong, but when they appear not forget your drivers and especially all that has managed to win. Think that'll do, because it will ... because I already got so many people quit smoking, why not you?

10. If you fall, get up and learn from mistakes. We all fail; it is normal and does not mean we're failures or that we are unable to be successful. If you give in to desires, turning to smoke, not the end of the world - it's time to get up and try again. It is natural that a smoker cannot quitting at first, but it must reach its goal, however, see what you miss, what are the major obstacles and how to overcome them on the next attempt. However, do not wait too long to try again - give you a few days to re-plan, to motivate yourself and to be involved. You can do it.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tip straightening the page elements

If we add or change the size of the template column, Even in his interface as in the preview or the rendering of the various browsers look smooth without the slightest blemish, but in fact broken a Page Element, sidebar column appears sag downward, between the columns overlap and like truncated.
These short tips may be helpful, and I have to apply in any modification of the template on blogger.

We only add the code governing the Page Elements, held just above the tag ]]></ b: skin>:

body # layout # main-wrapper
(Width: 300px) ....... (adjust the width of main-wrapper)


Body # layout # sidebar-wrapper
(width: 200px) .............. (adjust the width of sidebar-wrapper)

Hope helps
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