Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wowzio, solutions create widgets for your blog.

Perhaps you have any questions as this:

Looking for photo slideshow for your blog?
Looking for Traffic Feed widget for your blog?
Tired of adding photos to flickr or picasa to embed into your blog?
Want to share your posts feed to other blogs?
Looking for attractive tag cloud?
Want to change your widgets color,layout,size,rows and colomns?

If you say "Yes" to any one of the above question is the solution for your problem.

So adding images of my previous posts could help me in solving this problem, then i tried yahoo's flickr and googles picasa online image hostings where it has got good widgets to embed all the images to my blog.

Luckily i found a wonderful website ,which is widget creator for your blogs.
Wowzio has rolled out a scalable widgets platform which is offered for FREE to bloggers for personal use.
Just by giving my blog url it shows all my blog posts randomly and no need to update every day.

Only thing you need is your blog/website should be rss/atom enabled.(not sure whether your blog is rss/atom enabled ?? just create your own blogs rss feeds by your Google account from free of cost )

Most amazing things that i liked with wowzio is it has got most popular widgets that are very essential for your blogs or website to attract users and stay for long time.


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