Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Is ClixSense ?

ClixSense is a unique opportunity for you to earn extra money for FREE!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kang Rochman

You certainly knew who of Kang Rochman. The owner blog "KOLOM TUTORIAL", his name has joined in the heart of the community blogger indonesia Already many faces blog that became beautiful because of joining his tutorial, including me.

He always renewed the article blog belonging to him that aimed at giving knowledge to the community blogger

Not only the tutorial that was born from his imagination, many models template also was created for the community blogger. So, already appropriately as the community blogger was grateful to him. May Kang Rochman always be successful.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Earn money on your website

Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content and audience, and depending on the type of ad, you can earn money from clicks or impressions.

AdSense for content automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers text and image ads that are relevant to your audience and your site content.

AdSense for search allows website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money from clicks on Google ads on the search results pages.

AdSense for mobile content - Have a mobile website? AdSense can help you earn money from your content with a simple, integrated solution.

Small screen, big opportunity.
Earn revenue by displaying relevant text and image ads on your mobile webpages.

* Target ads to users when they're on the go.
* Draw from Google's extensive network of AdWords advertisers.
* Provide unified AdSense account management for online and mobile.

Have questions? Try Google AdSense's FAQ

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How do I promote my FeedBurner feed on my Blogger site?

One of the ways to promote your FeedBurner feed on your Blogger site is by using FeedBurner's Publicity Tools to select a "chicklet" image to display a link to your FeedBurner feed from your blog's homepage.

  1. Click the Publicize tab.


A list of publicity-related services appears.

  1. Locate and click the Chicklet Chooser service.

The form shown below loads into the right side of the screen:


This form contains several options for buttons that promote (and link to) your FeedBurner feed.

  1. Click the radio button next to the button you want to display on your site.
  2. From the drop-down select "Blogger", then click Go! to add the chicklet as a widget.


  1. Blogger will open in a new window. Follow the prompts there to continue to add the new widget.


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Hero Wanted (2008)

After he awakens in a hospital, a man tracks down and murders the man that left him and a bank teller
for dead during a robbery,only to end up having the slain thief's associates come after him in retaliation.

While grieving the death of his beloved wife, who drowned in a car accident, the garbage man Liam Case becomes a hero when he saves a young girl from a wrecked car on fire.

Years later, Liam has a secret crush on the bank teller Kayla and while in the bank with her, there is a heist and one of the five thieves shoots Kayla and Liam. When he recovers, Kayla is in a deep coma and he
chases the killer; but the gang seeks revenge and goes after Liam with a dark secret.
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Thank you for Amanda Fazani

You certainly know who Amanda Fazani. She is a blogger who has been making a lot of tutorials, where the tutorial is very helpful for community bloggers.

I often learn tutorial provided Amanda Fazani via email. Sometimes I visit the to get clear with the tutorial

Not only is it a tutorial that can be learned at the site, free templates for bloggers also can be downloaded here

We should be proud, there are still people willing to take the time to give us knowledge.

Let us follow the impression Amanda Fazani

Thank you my friend, good luck always
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Let's revive the spirit of youth INDONESIA

If the parents are still in place, precisely why the young lazy and weak?

Let's revive the spirit of youth INDONESIA!
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Test Post

For a full day, I try to modify the MINIMA TEMPLATE, which are based on the tutorial including tutorials from Amanda, a senior female bloggers.

Although the results less than the maximum, because I do not really understand about html / css. Only curiosity and try that underlie the creation of this template.

I hope, in the future this template can enhance. It takes the form of inputs criticisms and suggestions that build from colleagues.

And I hope it inputs there. I am grateful in case you'd like to give criticism in the comments box.

All this progress by the blogger.

Thank you
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