Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hunting dollar through PTC

Blogging activities at this time, besides trying to increase blog traffic, I also try to find information about the PTC site that is not spam. This time I try to join the adverbux.com.
Adverbux is a community of internet users come together with shared interests. Advertisers make use of our innovative, unique resources, and users congregate on our site to make a few extra bucks.

Not a few practitioners who PTC recommends this program as one of the Top PTC which have to pay them.
Minimum Payout: $ 10, shipping through Paypal & Alertpay
How do I make money?
Simple. View websites for a designated amount of time, register on sites, play games, search the web, and refer others! You will be making money in no time!

If you are interested to join, please JOIN now


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