Monday, April 27, 2009

Start join Entrecard

Three days ago, I joined the Entrecard. Initiative to increase traffic on this blog is the recommendation of friends blogger.

The main objective in joining entrecard than increase traffic, I honestly just want a lot of visitors who came from outside Indonesia.

Why? The main purpose so that I can share knowledge, learn their culture and their tricks in writing an article. In accordance with the motto of this blog is to share knowledge.

Perhaps with many visitors from outside of Indonesia, I can improve the knowledge, not only blog but problems include a wide knowledge.

Including how to get to write a blog with the correct language, use the blog as monetize blog.

I hope, by joining in Entrecard, to improve the quality of this blog.


WebbieLady said...

Hi! Welcome to the club then. Entrecard offers a lot if you know hw to utilize it. More traffic indeed.

Just a piece of advice, some entrecard tips are found here.By the way, I visited your blog through Entrecard just now and Im here in Netherlands. I am Filipino though. ^^

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