Saturday, May 02, 2009

Ashampoo UnInstaller 3

Don't you hate it that Windows gets slower and slower the longer you use it? One of the main reasons for this is that software is almost never uninstalled completely. Ashampoo UnInstaller 3 removes programs from your system without a trace, allowing you to test software with confidence because you know it's not going to "dirty" your computer.

Most important features of Ashampoo UnInstaller 3:

1. Manage Restore Points

Windows XP and later can create backups called "restore points" that enable you to return your system to a previous state without losing any personal data (text documents, email messages, browser history and so on). This new tool makes using restore points easy. You can switch automatic restore points on and off, create restore points manually and load restore points to return your system to an earlier state.

2. Defragment Hard Drives

Keeping your hard drive defragmented speeds up Windows and can help to prevent errors. This new module uses Ashampoo's widely-praised defragmentation technology to keep your drives tidy so they deliver maximum performance.

3. Registry Cleaner

The Registry is the database where Windows and application programs store most of their settings. This is one of the main places where junk from partially-uninstalled programs collects and clogs up your system. The Registry Cleaner finds and deletes this garbage, including the junk left by programs removed before you started using Ashampoo UnInstaller.

4. Check Installed Programs Entries

Sometimes you will find entries for programs that no longer exist in Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. This new module finds and allows you to delete these orphaned entries, including the ones that are not even displayed but are still wasting space and resources on your system.

5. Beautiful new design with scalable displays It's attractive and modern and it makes the program faster, easier and more fun to use than ever before.

6. Internet Cleaner (with Firefox support)

This tool deletes all traces of your browsing activities and your browser's temporary Internet files (copies of everything you have viewed online). You can also view and delete cookies (little data files for tracking and settings) that sites you have visited have stored on your hard drive.

7. Manage Fonts

You can view all the fonts installed on your system along with all the specifications information for each font and remove any fonts you no longer need.

........ and many other features you can find on this software


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