Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop using the phone at the bed

By the bed a lot of people who love to chat with friends or lovers through the mobile phone for hours. If you have a habit so it is now reduced and try to be erased.

This is because according to research conducted by a team of researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit, the United States and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, using the mobile phone will reduce sleep quality sleep. Headache, feeling tired during wake and sleep insomnia is the effect of using the phone to sleep.

In general, using a mobile phone before bedtime especially in a long time, will make the quality of sleep decreased. It will result in a condition that decreases the body the next day.

This study involved 35 male and 36 female respondents aged between 18 to 45 years. From the research note, some respondents exposed to radiation from mobile phones.

This reduces the radiation of the quality of sleep and a negative effect on health. If this habit continues to use the mobile phone is made, stick to the radiation in the body more and more and can cause long-term effects.

The use of mobile phones also affect the actual change in the specific brain system that regulates the handling stress. Not only cause insomnia and feeling tired, but will also create a more aggressive attitude and quickly emotions.

Radiation from a mobile phone can actually be diminished, with a sound sleep. For that many health experts recommend to turn off the phone before the bedtime.


ramaraobobby said...

nicely said...
Excessive use of mobile phones causes a very bad impact on the human body. Infact excessive use of any electronic device that transmits waves is not good in an health perspective.

Many thanks for sharing this health tip.

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