Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The use of social network services

Some of the things that must be the decision you take has a virtual identity (account service) in the online social network service, is as follows:

1. Use the identity of the anonymous, unless you really wills to use your original identity. This is useful to prevent data theft or misuse of the personal damage to your reputation.

2. Make sure that you only save or upload photos, music and video you own property or who are already in the public service of this kind. Saving works of others, which can be considered as a category pirated / copied without permission to the author, is considered as illegal and in violation of copyright law.

3. Determine the time limit access to not forget the time when entering the social service network. Also avoid the time and place of work, because it will remove your productive time and it is clearly unethical.

4. Should not express hatred, insult or attack other people.

5. Avoid responding to contacts from people who intend no good, so that the social network you will be neutral and be relatively safe from interference.

Hopefully useful.


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