Thursday, October 29, 2009

Make Money with Gold

It is a matter of time and now is the time to make money with gold. You should invest only if enough key factors are aligned as they are now. When not enough key factors are there, gold is a lousy investment, as 22 years ago. Now that all the factors are aligned, they will remain so for years to come.
In all likelihood, during the early years of this gold bull market, you will eventually make money in metals, no matter when you bought or how much you paid for them. Any investment in gold at any price will eventually bear fruit. Although long-term prospects are terrible, metals can remain silent for years at a time like there almost two decades between the end of the last bull market in 1980 and the beginning of the current.

After having finally on the gold metal in the 1980s, we have seen go on the side and bottom for many years. As it was not the right time for metals, we made our money in carefully selected shares, bonds and real estate for over two decades, while keeping an eye on today's conditions.
So what are the conditions favorable to investment gold?

Money creation, which is monetary inflation, must be in an uptrend. This is the case now, and has been for years, even during 22 years of wear metals market. So far, so bad, but inflation alone, it is not enough to cause a bull market in gold.

The dollar is the exchange value relative to foreign currencies. It is therefore essential that when the dollar entered its final decline, he finally asked me to turn more optimistic than I was doing my investments in gold. Without a weakening dollar on currency markets, movements in metals will be temporary. Now, we not only that, but we've gone beyond in the next phase which is the currency: the metals are up against all currencies, which is tremendously bullish. Because gold does not lose its value and has proven itself for over 6000 years now.

The war or the prospect of war. The war against terrorism and the war in Iraq begin to fulfill this condition for all a certain extent, although the battles were contained mainly the Middle East. War broke out elsewhere in the world: a terrorist attack, biological or bacteriological or fanatical Iranian trigger a nuclear war - would meet this requirement. War is a wildcard because it creates inflation because of the expense in time of war and national and international fear. It is essentially unpredictable.

War is an additional factor, not a prerequisite, but when it happens at the same time, he can only push the price of gold on a larger scale.

Therefore, not all of these conditions must be fulfilled at the time, but the first two conditions listed are essential.

Fortunately, the timing is right, even if the bull is not on all fours, the decision when to invest in metals is now clear and will be for a few years. Just do it and you'll enjoy the security of gold and security?


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