Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swine Flu Tracker on the iPhone

People fear the spread of swine flu virus, fishing creativity of the creator of iPhone applications, to create an application that is called Swine Flu Tracker.

The application itself has not got the approval from Apple. But the author is optimistic this application can be launched in the near future.

Swine Flu Tracker was developed by Barry Schwartz and Lilly Gold, from IntuApps. Through this application, they want the public can follow the latest news about the Swine Flu with complete information from the world health organization (WHO.)

This application can provide information for the audience and we believe this application will be very useful, "said Gold is quoted from CNN, on Monday (4/5/2009).

Swine Flu Tracker provides a map of the spread of swine flu from Google Maps. Each point of the map shows the detailed information of locations and the number of infected swine flu suspect.

There is also a link that connects to the Twitter site to receive messages from the WHO, CDC and the HealthMap.

Society expects the spread of the virus soon be over. But provide information to the community about this virus is spread not less important. The effort is intended to keep them to remain vigilant against swine flu.