Tuesday, September 08, 2009

3 tips to keep you on the road to your dream career Estate Investing

I know from personal experience that gender issues, social issues and want to do everything right - the perennial myth of the superwoman - can be barriers for women who want to succeed in the career of real estate investment. Do you have a husband, a family, and many other responsibilities, so where are you going to get the time to devote to a career and how you juggle everything?

Here are three tips you can follow to help overcome these obstacles common today and start thriving.

Gain clarity and find clarity

Take a good hard look at your life and prioritize your values. We all intuitively priority, but many of us do not take the time to put things down on paper. Consider the important things in your life - health, family, friends, companies etc., and the rate in order of importance. Take a little time, and do it now.
Now take a close look on your list. Where are you? Many times, women who know how to do this exercise do not get on their list. You must make yourself a priority. If you are not on top of the list, there must be a paradigm shift in attitude adjustment, or how you view yourself. Re-write this list with you up!

Smart targets

Take another look at your list and your life according to the priorities and see where you need improvement. Record down as life would be perfectly matched in that image and compare it to their lives. Where can I make changes? Start with small things. Start slowly.

What are two or three things you can start to work not only to build your business, but to put it before? Perhaps it is to reserve a space for your work or setting aside several hours each day to devote to your business to conduct searches or make client calls.

At some point you want to have to weigh the benefits and results of your actions. Are you going to get better results than spending three hours cleaning or spend three hours looking at possible properties? My guess is that the benefits will come when investing your time in activities, the dust bunnies can wait another day. When it's all said and done, what you're doing is really setting some boundaries.

Create positive reinforcement

The creation of positive reinforcement and patting yourself on the back is essential. How do you do? Examine the progress we're doing on a daily basis. See things from the outside. If you were a stranger and just met her, what do you think?
How would you feel if you met a mother of two who has the courage to get out there working hard to get what he wants? What do you think of her? I think there is thought, she's pretty hot things.
As women, we need to really begin to value what we're doing and recognizing these actions. We need peace and inner critic and give ourselves positive reinforcement.
Start by setting some small goals at the moment, and know that an investment in you will pay off.


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