Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tips and healthy benefits of "jogging"

The term originally meant jogging a certain distance along slowly in a relaxed manner.
Today, the concept of jogging was extended to other meanings and is often associated with the idea of a correct and healthy physical activity to keep fit, or a way to use your free time, or to socialize and to free the mind and the body by the psycho-physical stress.

You can go jogging in the city and countryside, but it is always preferable to choose green areas such as parks or boulevards. Must begin gradually with the first 15 minutes and then increase the subsequent sessions until you reach 30-45 minutes.

Before running always make some warm-up exercise, even just walking fast for about ten minutes.
In the end it is good to do some 'stretching.
To get results you should run at least 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes.

As for clothing, jogging outfit should be appropriate to weather conditions. When it is hot enough a shirt and a pair of shorts.

When the temperature is more rigid should dress in layers. In both cases, the tissues should allow adequate moisture, be close to the body but not overly tight and suffocating.
The shoes must be soft enough and with an anatomical shape that fits the foot, but at the same time must be rigid enough to prevent friction on any terrain.

The health benefits are numerous, provided it is practiced consistently and regularly:
  • Strengthens the heart, helps blood circulation and improved breathing
  • Accelerates the metabolism of the digestive system to resolve and prevent many gastrointestinal problems
  • Is an effective against depression
  • Makes it more active and responsive even at work
  • Burns fat and is an excellent remedy for losing weight. In a half hour session can consume up to 200 calories. Even after you've finished running, the organization continues for a while 'to burn excess fat
  • Is a great trick for the opposite purpose, namely to gain weight. In cases of excessive thinness and weight below the average, shorter sessions of jogging help to improve and stimulate the appetite
  • Strengthens the leg muscles, tones the hips and fights back pain
  • Makes you sleep better, more relaxed and combat insomnia because if your body is tired and slack in there falls asleep first


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