Thursday, June 03, 2010

Overcome problems arising between parents and children.

How to help quickly to allay the problems that are created between parents and children.
Each of us acts and reacts as has been accustomed to do in childhood. There is, for example, who cries or gets sick even for someone to take care of him. And there are those who, conversely, to feel accepted, is obliged to control their emotions.

The conduct direct emotional life. If you are exacerbated if they have something too can influence and create complex sense of inferiority, guilt, inability to autonomy. And peace in the family leaves. But these forms of neurosis can be cured. If you do not want to face the long and arduous journey of psychoanalysis, it can be a type of psychological therapy in the short term but intensive.

It's called Quadrinity Process and was developed 35 years ago by the psychiatrist Robert Hoffmann. It works in a hotel out of town for a week usually Friday to Friday from morning to evening. With the help of special techniques that facilitate memory, participants describe the scenes of their childhood which then led to the development of negative attitudes, automatic, especially rebellion against the characteristics and behaviors of parents.

Goal of the method is, first, to eliminate the conflict between intellect and emotion adult children, and to achieve harmonious integration of these two elements with the spiritual ego and body, which is the battlefield of everything happens inside us. Hence the name Quadrinity which precisely indicates  the quartet consisting of emotions, reason, spirit and body.

Students discover the roots of their negative behavior, and become self-destructive feelings into positive. Aim to increase self-esteem, love for themselves and for parents. They become, in short, free and independent and find balance. "


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