Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fighting obesity through sports

Exercise is the most effective in combating obesity.  People who are overweight need to exercise regularly, the key to success in the fight against excess weight, exercising regularly and is continuing (with certain intensity). 

Exercise should eat as many calories as possible (more than calories to the intake). Best results are obtained when carrying out a total of five sessions a week with aerobics for a period of 20-60 minutes.
Intensity physical exercise performed may correlate with ventricular shape (number of heart beats per minute).
Ventricular shape which indicates the optimal intensity of physical exercise performed is computed using the rule:
Maximum heart rate = 220 / age (years)

So the maximum frequency of cardiac activity is the result of decrease in the age of 220 years (for example a person aged 50 years, may develop ventricular shape maximum of 170 beats per minute).
A moderate exercise is defined by developing a ventricular pace 50% to 70% of the maximum age. Also an intense exercise is characterized by ventricular shape than 75% of total capacity characteristic age.

Exercise the heart rate exceeds 90% of the allowable age is difficult without a good physical condition and requires activation of anaerobic metabolism (in the absence of oxygen). This effort consumes a large amount of energy and must be followed by other exercises easier, which deoxygenize vital organs and muscles. A proof of installing an anaerobic effort is unable to talk during that year. With increasing effort, breathing becomes heavy, suffocating, with inability to maintain a conversation, a sign that anaerobic metabolism was activated.


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